Research Services

  • Research and Survey Design

  • Defining objectives
    Research design is the critical first step in the research process. Our team of market research professionals will assist you in the creation or refinement of research objectives which will act as the cornerstone of your entire research initiative.

    Survey Design
    With defined research objectives, our team can provide as much assistance in the survey design process as required – from refining questions to complete questionnaire design. With over a quarter of a century of market research experience, we will ensure the right questions are asked to provide the information you need.

    • Professional expertise
    • Saves time
    • Saves internal resources

  • Provide us with a finalized survey and we can program and post it to your account, usually within the next business day. And if your survey needs to have a specific look and feel, we can help there too. Surveys can be designed to align with your brand.

    • Saves time
    • Saves internal resources

  • If you need to survey a specific target audience but don’t know how to reach them, Research-Go has access to consumers from across Canada and the United States (and even globally). Whether your sampling needs are simple or complex, we can help give you access to people to get the information you need.

    • Reach target audience
    • Saves time
    • Saves money

  • To ensure third party distance to your research, we can distribute your survey to a target sample on your behalf. Respondents tend to be more open and honest if the research is performed by a third party. Whether you need to send to 100 participants or 10,000, our mail delivery services can deliver. Research-Go is CASL and PIPEDA compliant – surveys we send on your behalf can be trusted and we employ industry best practices.

    • Higher response rates
    • Improved data integrity
    • Saves internal resources

  • Report Generation

  • Research-Go consultants can use your survey results to tell the data story effectively in PowerPoint reports and presentations that your audiences will remember.

    • Neutrality in reporting
    • Professional expertise
    • Saves internal resources

  • Advanced Analytics

  • Whether your survey needs are complex or to-the-point, we have a solution. Our data analysis team is capable of addressing any type of analytical need, including data validation and cleaning, tabulation, open-end coding, data segmentation, and advanced analysis requirements. .

    Utilizing a variety of analysis and data mining techniques, we can effectively dig deeper into the data to find the key insights and informational nuggets which could otherwise go undetected.

    • Professional expertise
    • Saves time
    • Saves internal resources

Questionnaire Design
Defining Objectives

Research-Go can assist you and your organization devise objectives that will accomplish your goals and provide the most value to your research.

Design and Delivery
Once we have your objectives defined our team will create the questionnaire to ensure it answers the right questions and is to your satisfaction. 



Survey Building
Research-Go integration

ResearchPLUS customers can provide us their questionnaire and have it built within their account in less than two business days.

White labeling services

If you need a survey to look and feel as if it was coming directly from your organization we can help. Research-Go can be completely customized to align with your brand.


Respondent Sample
Canada Wide Reach
Research-Go has access to consumers across Canada. In the event you require sample for your surveys we can field your entire project at a competitive price. 

Open-source respondents
Research-Go can also be integrated into other research panels if you already have sample or database. There is no limitation to how you can integrate Research-Go into your research mix.


Mailing Services
Custom responsive emails
We can help create a email message for you or your organization that not only displays in the best possible manner on all devices, but also has layouts proven to get the best possible response rates. 

Send to your entire audience at once
Whether you’re sending to 100 people or 10000 we can help deliver your survey in a timely manner. Rest assured Research-Go is CASL and PIPEDA compliant when it comes to sending out emails – what we send on your behalf can be trusted in best industry practices.



Report Generation

Data at your fingertips
Real-time data access and reporting is critically important when making decisions that impact the direction of your organization. Reporting with Research-Go enables you to access your data anytime, anywhere, on any PC or mobile device. Create and share presentation-ready charts and graphs with ease. Advanced analytics allow you to filter and graph different variables so you can compare respondent segments. Results can be exported for use in other data analysis tools for further exploration.

Need more help? Research-Go consultants can take your data and turn it into visually stunning PowerPoint presentations and research reports that you can use to convey your message.



Advanced Analytics

Strategic expertise
We are a company founded by veteran market research consultants who can help further analyze your data to get the utmost information available.

In-depth analysis
Our data analysts work with you to understand what you are hoping to achieve in the research process. Utilizing many different data analysis and data mining techniques, we can effectively drill down into the data to get the hidden nuggets of information. Our 25 years in the market research industry have given us the experience to effectively dig deeper into your data to deliver impactful market research insights.